Can Healthcare Seekers Find Your Physicians and Locations?

Your website’s physician and location data is complex, disorganized and constantly changing. Yet 77 percent of consumers start their search for a provider online. They need accurate data to decide where to seek care.



Healthcare Directory by

Your single source of truth for doctor and location data
  • Centralize

    Create an accurate, rich repository to manage and display data on doctors and facilities

  • Unify

    Develop robust physician and location profile pages to engage and convert patients

  • Integrate

    Integrate online reviews and ratings with scheduling to boost patient acquisition

  • Connect

    Guide patients to the right providers through robust search and filtering

  • Distribute

    Push physician and location data to third-party listings for consistency across the web


Acquire More Patients

Higher Search Rankings

Higher Search Rankings

Consumers find your doctors and facilities online easily, no matter where they look.

Better Conversion Rates

Better Conversion Rates

Robust information aids online decision-making. Integrated scheduling converts healthcare seekers to patients.

Improved Patient Retention

Improved Patient Retention

Referring providers match patients with the right physician, based on clinical expertise and treatment history.

Video: Watch this video to learn how Healthcare Directory matches patients to the right provider

If you’re struggling to maintain up-to-date, accurate provider information on your website, Google and other web channels, here’s how.


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