Inaccurate Information Will Cost You Customers

Missing or incorrect business listings will lead new business to competitors… not you. Help customers find you easily on search engines, maps and business directories. 



Accurate Listings. Automated.

  • Claim

    Your brand perception starts in search and maps. Claim all listings that belong to your organization.

  • Audit

    Our platform audits your locations’ listings across search, maps and business directories for accuracy.

  • Optimize

    Our platform identifies discrepancies and missing data, and corrects all mistakes.

  • Distribute

    Automatically push correct location data to search engines, social platforms and industry-specific sites.


Local Searches Count

Higher Search Rankings

Higher Search Rankings

Optimized business listings and locations rank higher in local and “near me” searches.

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience

Customers get the experience they expect when all of your information is correct and up to date.

Drive More Business

Drive More Business

Accurate and complete location listings ensure customers find you easily.

E-Book: Best Practices for Managing
Business Listings

Don’t alienate customers before they walk through the door of your organization. Make sure your business listings are 100% accurate, and check those listings on a regular basis.


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Turn Your Customers Into Brand Champions

Turn Your Customers Into Brand

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How to Claim Listings

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