Top Trends for Online Reputation Management in 2018

How to Gain Competitive Advantage in the Year Ahead

Every year, Reputation.com releases its predictions for new trends and development, along with recommendations for how to capitalize on those trends. This year, search engine optimization (SEO) and customer experience (CX) are key themes, and creating a virtuous cycle of refinement in these areas will require employing proven ORM tactics and strategies.

2017 ushered in some big changes for Online Reputation Management (ORM) — now an indispensable practice for digital marketers serious about managing the online presence and perception of their organization’s brand. And new trends are on the horizon.

Read this eBook to learn about four key trends that we see happening in ORM and how you can use them to your advantage:

  1. Google will extend its dominance in online review volume and consumer exposure, eclipsing all other specialty sites.
  2. SEO will be reinvented as user-generated reviews weigh more heavily in search rankings.
  3. The voice of the customer will become increasingly unified across previously disconnected categories.
  4. Consumer feedback from reviews and social media will drive operational improvements.
Top Trends for Online Reputation Management in 2018

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