General Sessions

8:45 AM

From the Reputation Economy to the Feedback Economy

Michael Fertik’s 2015 book The Reputation Economy laid out in very clear terms how individuals can and must manage their most valuable asset – their reputation. With the evolution of the Feedback Economy, B2C organizations are presented with similar challenges, but on a never-before-seen scale and pace.

Michael Fertik and CEO Joe Fuca dig into the impact of “data in the wild” – the comments, reviews, emoticons and viral videos created by individuals about businesses of every type – and the evolution of tools to harness, harvest and derive value from this data.

Joe Fuca, CEO,
Michael Fertik, Founder,

9:30 AM

How Banner Health Made Reputation Management a Cornerstone of its Integrated Marketing Strategy

The buyer’s journey is just as critical in healthcare as it is in retail. Learn how Banner Health optimized every step of their customer engagement process to ensure they were found, chosen and retained. Data analysis via the platform helped them realize amazing business results in just a few years.

Alexandra Morehouse, Chief Marketing Officer, Banner Health

10:00 AM

The Inside Track on Google My Business – Consumer Trends in 2019

Ranking high on Google is the holy grail for marketers. And for most, it seems like an unattainable goal — unless you’ve got Google in the room, showing you exactly what you need to do! Google Product Manager Emi Wayner will take you through the consumer trends in local search and discovery and shows how Google My Business (GMB) can help give you a significant leg up on the competition.

Emi Wayner, Strategic Partnership Development, Google My Business

10:30 AM

Step Into the Void and Embrace the Unknown

Learn how Scentre Group, a leading retail property management company in Australia and New Zealand, uses data and analytics to identify and address unseen issues that impact their business – without breaking the bank.

David Lamond, Director, Strategic Analytics Insights and Research, Scentre Group

10:45 AM


11:05 AM

What Makes Customers Tick? Decoding Buying Behavior Across Industries and Geographies

We assume different industries have very different customers, customer needs, buyer journeys and motivators. But how different are they really? We’ve assembled a diverse group from around the world and put the question to them. The answers will be insightful, engaging and entertaining!

Molly Blanco, AutoNation
David Blackhurst, Mitchells and Butlers
Doug Zarkin, Pearle Vision
Annie Haarmann, Ascension

11:50 AM

Get an Inside Look at the Product Vision and Roadmap

Whether you’re new to or have been a partner with us as we’ve grown the platform over the last several years, you’ll be surprised and excited by the amazing innovations we’ve got lined up for 2019 and beyond. From Surveys to Actions to Social and more, we’re growing and advancing the platform to give you the best data, the best user experience and the best service and support possible.

Pascal Bensoussan and the Product Team

12:20 PM

Morning Recap and Close

Joe Fuca, CEO,
Stuart Gold, MVP, Events

12:30 PM


Breakout Sessions

1:30 PM


1:30 PM

Invest in Your Digital Front Door and Position Yourself to Win in Local Search

How do you effectively manage how your brand is experienced across hundreds of locations and thousands of providers? Learn how Advocate Aurora Health uses Directory, Listings and Pages to optimize SEO and conversion for its 16,000 providers.

Christine Bon, Advocate Aurora Health
Mike Canonigo, Advocate Aurora Health


1:30 PM

Increase Revenue Through ORM & CX

You have the power to increase revenue through better online reputation management (ORM) and customer experience (CX). Learn how Nissan U.S.A. worked with J.D. Power and to develop a comprehensive strategy to increase online visibility, boost in-store sales, and enhance post-sale customer satisfaction.

Seth Guida Senior Manager, Customer Experience Operations, Nissan U.S.A
Amit Aggarwal, Senior Director, Digital Solutions, J.D. Power
Richard Bongiorno, Managing Director, Customer Experience Solutions, J.D. Power


1:30 PM

How to Build a Cohesive Social Strategy for Your Franchise

Meeting your buyers where they are is especially important in education. With this demographic, established media is not trusted, and social is king. Learn how a leading early childhood education provider engages with hundreds of thousands of prospects to drive direct business to its 500+ locations nationwide.

Jenna Lazzaro, Interactive Media Specialist, The Goddard School
Laurie Harvey, Manager, Interactive Media, The Goddard School

2:30 PM


2:30 PM

So, You Have a Reputation Management Contract. Now What?

Learn how Ochsner Health System created a fully integrated online reputation management program to get a holistic view of patient experience and uses this information to improve care delivery.

Amber Welch, Director of Digital Content, Ochsner Health System


2:30 PM

Aligning Three Tiers of Auto on One Platform

Tier I promotion by auto OEMs is focused on brand development, while Tier III is all about driving traffic to the dealership. Can these very different goals be served by an integrated strategy? Hear how FordDirect took on the challenge and significantly increased same-store auto sales.

John Patterson, Director, Social Media and Reputation Management, FordDirect


2:30 PM

Increase Online and In-store Customer Engagement with Crowd-sourced Product Reviews

More time spent on your website means a greater chance a customer will buy from you. Hear how Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers leverages crowd-sourced product reviews to increase engagement, trust and advocacy for their services.

Deborah Brundage, Chief Marketing Officer, Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers

3:45 PM


3:45 PM

Using Reputation Score as a Key Indicator on Your Organization’s Balanced Scorecard

Most healthcare organizations struggle to identify the best KPIs to use to measure an organization’s brand and the service it provides its customers. It requires a delicate balance of revenue goals and quality-of-care metrics, as well as back-end systems that support that level of granularity. Learn Kindred Healthcare manages to a scorecard, and rewards high-performers.

Amanda Henson, Director of Online Reputation Management, Kindred Healthcare


3:45 PM

Lessons from the Trenches – Lightning Round Q&A

Join us for a fast-paced session covering the gamut of customer experience and reputation management topics. In quick rounds of discussions, we’ll get thought-provoking responses and insights on the roles played by people, processes and technology when connecting the dots across the automotive buyer’s journey.

Molly Blanco, AutoNation
John Patterson, FordDirect
Seth Guida, Nissan U.S.A.


3:45 PM

Building Connected Rental Communities in a Digital World

On-premise rental property managers increasingly find themselves caught between dissatisfied tenants and corporate business goals. Proactive social monitoring, tenant surveying and integrated ticketing systems — combined with good old-fashioned front-desk etiquette — helps this Top-five property management firm boost rental rates and reduce turnover. Connecting property managers to their community to boost rental rates, extend tenure, and reduce turnover.

Jaemi Carkin, Director, National Marketing, Greystar

Closing General Session

4:45 PM

Welcome to the Era of Engagement — Your customers await!

The new measure of business success is in the quality of experience you deliver to your customers, day in and day out. Do you have what it takes to win? Growth evangelist Tiffani Bova lays out the most critical paths to topline growth, and clarifies the role played by every customer and prospect, at every touchpoint.

Tiffani Bova, Chief Growth and Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce; and author of Growth IQ — Get Smarter About the Choices That Will Make or Break Your Business

5:45 PM

Closing Reception

7:00 PM Awards Dinner & Entertainment