How Do Consumers Really Perceive Your Business Online?

Data around customer sentiment, ratings and reviews can be difficult to analyze. How do consumers really perceive your business online? Get a complete view of your key metrics for unprecedented insight.



Meaningful Metrics

  • Report

    Get a snapshot of all key metrics that define your online reputation, so you know what’s working and what needs attention.

  • Inform

    Easily schedule and share continuous feedback with your organization to set change in motion.

  • Score

    Monitor your Reputation Score — the one key metric that tracks your performance on all dimensions of online reputation.


Total Insight

The Right Data

The Right Data

You gain systematic visibility into every aspect of your organization’s online presence.

Better Reviews

Better Reviews

Locations get information they need to make effective changes.

Documented Success

Documented Success

All stakeholders stay informed of your progress with Online Reputation Management.

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Reporting & Analytics

With a few clicks in a client’s fully customizable filter menu, vast data streams are collected, organized and displayed in ways that make it easy to see which areas of your business are thriving and which can use improvement.


See How Reporting & Analytics Transform Business

How Does It

How Online Reputation is Changing Brand Management

Top Trends for Online Reputation Management in 2018

Top Trends for Online Reputation Management in 2018

Optimize Customer Experience

Optimize Customer Experience with Insights from Online Reviews

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