How to Get Healthcare Teams On-board with Online Reputation Management

A Guide to Gaining Buy-in for Key ORM Strategies

Managing reviews and social commentary across the web is critical to your organization’s success. Why? Because consumers are more involved in decision making around their healthcare than ever.

According to SoftwareAdvice, nearly 80 percent of consumers report using online reviews as a first step to seeking a provider, and 16 percent use them to validate the choice of a doctor they’ve chosen.

Consumers have choice — and they’ll choose providers who have good reviews from other patients, and a strong, favorable online presence.

A structured approach to Online Reputation Management (ORM) can help you increase your online rating, improve search results, and deliver insights to drive customer satisfaction initiatives. But effective ORM requires buy-in from all your key stakeholders.

In this eBook we explore the importance of building internal partnerships to simplify and speed the implementation of an effective ORM program. You’ll learn:

  • The benefits of Online Reputation Management for healthcare organizations.
  • What key partnerships are essential for launching a successful ORM program.
  • Steps to defining roles and responsibilities for program implementation.
  • How ORM can lead to operational insights that improve the customer experience.
How to Get Healthcare Teams On-board with Online Reputation Management

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