How to Build Customer Surveys That Yield Actionable Feedback

Improve Completion Rates and Gain Deeper Customer Insights

If you’re struggling to build surveys that yield actionable results, you’re not alone — the majority of customer satisfaction surveys get a 5-10% completion rate, according to Customer Experience Insights.

Why? Because they’re too long, have unclear objectives or are poorly structured. As a result, even motivated customers abandon surveys midway and never provide the feedback you need.

This eBook details six best practices for building effective surveys that yield high completion rates. Following these tips, you can build targeted surveys that help you understand what your organization does well, and where it can improve.

Read the eBook to learn:

  • How to get executive alignment on what you want to include in the survey.
  • How to make your surveys the right length to keep your audience engaged.
  • Why it’s important to include both open- and closed-ended questions.
  • How to use “pathing” to dig deeper into feedback.
  • How to plan the right timing for sending your survey.
  • How to meet customers where they are to ensure a high response rate.
How to Build Customer Surveys That Yield Actionable Feedback

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