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Established in 1984, Lakeland Automall (Lakeland, Florida) has been a cornerstone dealership in its community, helping thousands of families fulfill their automotive needs while also supporting local events, charities and schools. As a preferred Ford and Hyundai dealership, Lakeland Automall takes pride in making sure every customer receives an unbeatable price, the best selection and award-winning service.

This mission led Lakeland Automall to Over the span of one year, we helped the dealership turn its happy customers into loyal advocates, propelling Lakeland Automall’s online reputation to the next level, boosting local search visibility, increasing online referrals, and breaking regional sales records.

The Issue

“For many years, our dealership, didn’t seem like the preferred choice for consumers, based on our online reputation.”

When Lakeland Automall consulted in mid-2014, they were in the middle of a reputation crisis. They had a few negative and misleading reviews on third-party review sites, which was not a true reflection of the dealership. Even though the majority of their customers were satisfied with the sales and service provided by the dealership, there was no evidence of it online. The few existing negative reviews dominated their local search results, and this in turn led to a drop in prospective customers contacting the dealership.

Lakeland Automall knew something had to be done. The dealership partnered with to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase online customer reviews
  • Improve star ratings
  • Boost local search presence
  • Build a stronger online relationship with current and prospective customers

The Solution

“ helped build a stronger relationship with our customers. They started to come in, specifically asking for a salesperson because of their reviews online.” started working with Lakeland Automall in June 2014, enrolling the dealership in the for Business automotive reputation management solution. The dealership understood the importance of online reviews and wanted to change the negative online perception about its business.

With’s patented technologies in place, the dealership was able to implement a long-term reputation management strategy.

After only a few months with, Lakeland Automall saw a marked increase in its positive review volume across several leading review sites. It was also in a better position to track and understand customer satisfaction levels from the point of the first sale through service and support.

“Our site started ranking higher on search engines because of customer reviews. As traffic increased, so did our sales volume and customers came in specifically asking for a salesperson because of their reviews online.”

“The kiosk made it really easy for our customers to review us.”

To further its Online Reputation Management efforts, the dealership integrated review kiosks into its sales process. Management asked the dealership sales team to actively collect reviews from happy customers before they left, by handing them our in-store kiosk tablets and asking them to quickly rate the dealership. Positive feedback was sent to Lakeland Automall’s testimonial page and negative feedback was sent to the manager tasked with reviewing and responding to customer feedback.

The sales team also used the iOS and Android mobile apps in parallel to stay on top of new reviews, post pictures of happy customers with their new cars, and engage with the community at large. In addition, platform alerts were set up to email the CEO every time a customer left a review. This helped him stay on top of the dealership’s online reputation and react quickly as necessary.

The Results

“Boost in website traffic, leads and — most importantly — revenue.”

With’s online management technology in place, Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai dealerships continually moved up in sales positions for the region. The significant improvement in overall online search presence, website traffic, star ratings and review volume helped push sales and customer satisfaction to the top percentages in the industry.

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The for Automotive platform and our patented technologies will help you drive lead volume by inspiring trust and excitement about your dealership and — by extension — your brand. You’ll better understand what customers think of you and see that reality reflected online through increased customer reviews. This, in turn, will give you the data needed to change the consumer experience for the better. Our platform is convenient to use and manage yourself. But if you don’t have the time or resources on hand, let our team of experts manage your online presence for you.

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“As a business owner, I am constantly approached by companies promising more than they deliver; is not one of those companies. From the time we started using their platform, we have continued to see improvements across all social review networks and have built a solid foundation of customer reviews. Our customers now comment they came to us because of our online reviews — that never happened before.”
∼ Greg Balasco, President, Lakeland Automall Ford & Hyundai