Buyers Guide: A Features Comparison of Reputation and CX Tools

Your online reputation affects how people perceive your business when they encounter it online, as well as in person.

Online reputation management encompasses many dimensions, including what shows up at the top of search engine results, social media presence, online reviews and overall sentiment analysis.

Many companies that say they offer reputation management address some aspects of online reputation management, but is the only provider that offers an integrated platform with the most complete set of tools for managing every dimension of online reputation.

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Social media engagement is one important part of online reputation management.

The table below compares service offerings of several online reputation companies and so you can see for yourself how the various service offerings stack up against each other.

Features comparisonPodium offers review management and basic analytics and insights. However, it does not offer review syndication or traffic insights, and back-end data management doesn’t scale for the client with thousands of locations. It offers basic sentiment analysis. The mobile app is primarily designed for private text messaging with customers.

BirdEye offers basic review management and business listings services. Surveys are available, but only limited customization is available. Basic social media publishing and community management are offered, but there is no campaign or automated content curation, limited firehose listening and no Instagram publishing. Reporting is suitable for SMB-class businesses, but there is no self-service for custom reports without purchasing additional managed services.

Kyruus provides nearly-comprehensive analytics and insights, but lack of review capabilities means operational insights are limited. It does not offer social listening and publishing capabilities.

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Chatmeter provides strong review management but just basic survey and social media services. Analytics and insights do not include industry-level competitive benchmarking or benchmarking for overall online reputation. Business listings lack an API, and so are not a flexible enough management solution for larger organizations.

Medallia’s survey options are stronger than many others, but they do not offer the self-service features many businesses want, such as custom reports or extensive location-based analytics. The company’s review monitoring and responding is limited only to TripAdvisor, and there’s no provision for review requesting.

Yext business listings are published to listing sites’ presentation layer, which can leave the database layer potentially incorrect. Most sites in the Yext PowerListings Network are owned by Yext and are irrelevant to Google’s ranking algorithms. Yext provides basic social media management capabilities, with no support for social publishing, marketing or firehose listening., by contrast, offers all of the following services:

  • Review Management – enabling clients to ensure their reviews are accurate and representative, with tools for monitoring, requesting, responding to and publishing reviews
  • Analytics and Insights – helping clients view key metrics and insights, create comprehensive reports, share feedback with the organization and monitor their Reputation Score
  • Social Media Advertising – empowering clients to create, scale and optimize advertising across multiple locations and multiple platforms, with tools for targeting, execution, fine-tuning and monitoring campaigns
  • Business Listing Management – ensuring customers find clients easily on search engines, maps and business directories, with tools for claiming, auditing, optimizing and distributing data for each business location
  • Social Media Management – facilitating full engagement with local communities across social media channels, with tools for listening, responding, collaborating, publishing and advertising
  • Surveys – creation and deployment of tailored surveys to assess performance, with tools for building, monitoring, responding and sharing of results
  • Mobile Apps – including Reputation Live mobile app that allows employees to invite customers to share experiences on major review sites, an app that also gamifies the process of requesting reviews
  • Sentiment Analysis – providing advanced insights into clients’ online reputation that uses unstructured and structured review data to understand what customers are talking about and how happy they are with key aspects of client businesses
  • Complete Online Reputation Management (ORM) Solution – a unified reputation management solution that eliminates data silos and assists clients with defining goals and focusing reputation management efforts optimally

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Only offers all of these services in one place. This prevents fragmented reputation management efforts. It ensures everyone is always on the same page and reputation management tasks remain aligned at all times.

Without complete, multidimensional reputation management, your business risks neglecting important customer feedback, which can end up damaging your overall reputation. You don’t have to piece together fragmented services from multiple providers, because takes care of every aspect of online reputation management.

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