5 Ways Reputation.com Helps Practices Measure and Improve Patient Satisfaction

Hospital executives in the U.S. prioritize patient satisfaction heavily – and for good reason.

Not only does outstanding patient satisfaction help boost hospital rankings,  it also builds loyalty, helps attract new patients and, according to some studies, improves clinical outcomes.

Of course, healthcare providers must measure patient satisfaction to improve it, and there’s no single, all-encompassing metric to use, because healthcare is so personalized and multidimensional. Reputation.com understands and offers comprehensive services for measuring multiple aspects of patient satisfaction in numerous ways. The platform enables healthcare providers to manage their reputation from a single dashboard, while providing the following key benefits.

1) Optimize Business Listings

Did you know that inaccurate business listings can be a significant factor in loss of trust among potential patients? Not only do the majority of people lose trust in local businesses when their online business listings are inaccurate, but they’re also likely to do so if they happen to get lost in transit due to bad location information. Reputation.com helps ensure business listings accuracy, so that online searches for healthcare providers start on a positive note.

Young couple looking at a laptop together.

Up-to-date, accurate business listings get your online introduction to potential patients off to a good start.

2) Attract Patients Through Social Channels

With Reputation.com, healthcare providers can engage their local community with relevant content and strategic social media marketing across all social media properties, from a single dashboard. Social networks generate large numbers of online reviews about healthcare providers, and providers that aren’t using these channels put themselves at a disadvantage. Reputation.com helps businesses like yours build and manage a successful social media presence.

3) Pairs Online Reviews with CAHPS Scores

Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey scores are one metric that healthcare providers use to build trust and increase transparency with their patients. CAHPS surveys assess patient experiences with providers, and publishing the scores on physician bio pages satisfies transparency initiatives while providing consumers with information on the patient experience.

CAHPS scores are not, however, a proxy for online reputation. Reputation.com helps providers deliver a 360-degree view of care quality by publishing CAHPS scores and online reviews together. With Reputation.com, CAHPS scores can be streamed directly to physician bio pages, along with traditional customer reviews, so that potential patients gain a more well-rounded view of the patient experience. This leads to an increase in positive reviews, higher ratings and, over time, increased patient satisfaction scores.

Medical doctor speaking with a patient.

Combining CAHPS scores with online reviews gives potential patients a more comprehensive view of healthcare providers.

4) Makes HIPAA Compliance Easier

Healthcare organizations can learn from other types of businesses how social media can be used to attract new customers and build loyalty. But healthcare as an industry faces constraints and requirements that many other industries don’t. Reputation.com offers many online reputation tools to help healthcare providers improve patient satisfaction scores, while at the same time attracting new patients and strengthening the loyalty of existing patients. All of this is done with attention to the regulations healthcare businesses must follow.

5) Enables Operational Improvements

Reputation.com collects the data necessary to feed sophisticated analytics algorithms and, more importantly, generate actionable insights. Both clinical and non-clinical staff can use these insights into patient experience to enhance training and drive operational improvements in measurable ways.

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment, the providers who make use of online reputation management will not only benefit from greater patient satisfaction; they’ll be better positioned to build and grow their facilities moving forward.

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