Super Simple Tip To Improve Your Customer Service


The following is a blog in by Michael Fertik,'s CEO and Founder.

"We listen to our customers."

That's the thing about some clichés--they're often repeated because they should be (and sometimes are) true. The old trope of paying attention to customer feedback has endured for so long simply because so many companies--surprisingly--still don't do it.

Harvard Business Review: The Problem With Being Too Nice


The following is a blog from's CEO and Founder Michael Fertik.

Leaders are placed under a tremendous amount of pressure to be relatable, human and … nice. Many yield to this instinct, because it feels much easier to be liked. Few people want to be the bad guy. But leaders are also expected to make the tough decisions that serve the company or the team’s best interests. Being too nice can be lazy, inefficient, irresponsible, and harmful to individuals and the organization.

The New York Times: The Founder of Answers Reader Questions


Last week, The Times published a conversation with Michael Fertik, who founded, a reputation management company that helps businesses and people play down their negative search results, protect their personal information, gather positive reviews for their businesses and in general buff their images online.