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The Best of… Data-Driven Marketing in 2017 and early 2018

In this issue, we have compiled content covering the full Data-Driven Marketing spectrum – from leveraging Big Data and Analytics to drive marketing strategies to the benefits of investing in a CDP to how IoT, AI, and Predictive Analytics can assist in the understanding of the customer behaviors and everything in between.

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Vision Quest: Focus On Doctor Reputation Propels Pearle Vision’s Growth

Collaboration can come in many forms but can be especially difficult for large brands where proximity and face-to-face collaboration is a challenge. Pearle Vision got around that thorny problem when it partnered with to increase collaboration with the eye care experts in their 500-plus neighborhood EyeCare Centers across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

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Introducing a Google My Business Performance Benchmark

What exactly is Google My Business (GMB) page doing for businesses? For many companies, the answer is simply, “I cover my bases with Google.” I understand that answer. I hear it all the time. But no business should ever operate on gut feel. A GMB listing takes time to set up and manage effectively. Marketers need to keep data up to date, content fresh and images compelling. That effort could be spent addressing other needs.

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