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The Top 10 Managers of the NMHC 50 by Online Reputation

With 70 percent of prospects deciding to visit a property based on its online reputation, multifamily companies are going all out to win resident recognition. Read how The Bozzuto Group and others topped the list this year using smart Online Reputation Management strategies.

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How AI can solve the top 3 pain points in marketing

The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning may be the solution to myriad enterprise challenges, including getting a grip on proliferating marketing technologies, decentralized data and processes, and talent recruitment.

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TopBots – How 26 Top Marketing Executives Use Artificial Intelligence

Pascal Bensoussan, CPO At The holy grail for marketers has always been personalization at scale and affordable customer acquisition costs. An automotive company used machine learning-based scoring to help their dealerships generate reviews on the right mix of review sites and saw the best performers grow their car sales 13% faster than the average. Machine learning have had great impact on lower funnel activities (like recommendation-based retargeting), driving 3-4x improvement in conversions after a site visit, compared to one-size fits all retargeting approach based on a limited set of pre-defined retargeting messages.

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