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An expert breaks down how Facebook can prevent bias in its algorithms

Amid concerns about social media’s political bias, Facebook asked Republican Senator Jon Kyl to conduct a study on why conservatives feel targeted by Big Tech. The results are out this week, and one of the concerns from respondents is about Facebook’s algorithm. Michael Fertik, founder and managing partner at Heroic Ventures and executive chairman and founder, joins “Squawk Box” to discuss.

Read more picks up $30M, which helps businesses manage online reviews and social media engagement, has raised $30 million in a round led by Ascension Ventures, according to reports. The funding values the California-based company at $345 million; it has raised more than $100 million in VC financing to date from backers including Kleiner Perkinsand Bessemer Venture Partners.

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Auto Dealers Score High in Responding to Customers

Higher reputation scores lead to more sales, says the 2019 Auto Reputation Report. A ranking of business-reputation strength dispels some negative stereotypes about auto dealerships. According to, dealerships received better overall customer sentiment and higher reputation scores than the other major industries the company has examined.

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VC Daily: Demo Day Deals; Robot-Delivery Funding; Data Center Boom

Good day. Y Combinator has always taught its companies how to build billion-dollar businesses, but for this year’s batch of startups it also emphasized the mental health of its founders and how to make startups “a force for good” in the world, Chief Executive Michael Seibel said.

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