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Dealers need protocol for handling bad reviews

Online reviews are inevitable for any dealership. Jeff Dyke, president of Sonic Automotive Inc., said the public dealership group’s executives scan five-star reviews for inspiration on what they are doing well and one-star reviews for where they need to improve. Sonic uses, an online reputation management platform, to scan reviews on online platforms.

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Dealerships boost efforts to monitor online reviews

The first email Jeff Dyke, president of Sonic Automotive Inc., opens every morning is a message containing the latest online reviews from Sonic’s customers. Dyke said he and Sonic CEO David Smith wake each day eager to assess the public dealership group’s results as compiled by

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Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s rank highly in retailer reputation survey

The 2019 Retail Reputation Report compiled by, lists Bass Pro Shops as the third most reputable retailer in the United States, with Cabela’s coming in at number 17. The report is based on a pool of over 5 million consumer reviews from Google and Facebook, as well as other review websites.

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Agent review sites – reviewed!

Your public profile couldn’t be more important in the digital age. A potential vendor Googles you, Google shows a negative review at the top of the search results – you’ve lost the deal. Consider the reputation scores of different sectors at – real estate companies score between 211 and 634 out of 1,000. The score spread suggests most realtors come in well below the optimal level.

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Do We Still Need Brand Mascots?

Mascots punctuate the brand promise. They are not only “spokespersons” for that promise, they help customers and prospective buyers remember the promise. found that 83% of millennials say they don’t trust advertising and they aren’t impressed by celebrity endorsements. Instead, they rely on referrals from friends and online reviews as their primary sources of information about products and services.

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