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Online reputation plays a role in determining a dealership’s value

A dealership’s sales volume, franchise, and location are some of the many factors that go into determining its valuation in a buy sell. A perhaps less obvious factor is now figuring into that calculation as well – online reputation. Dealerships that aren’t monitoring their online presence may be reducing their attractiveness to potential buyers. “The dealership needs to have a significant volume of reviews out there, on the positive side,” said Ali Fawaz, general manager and senior director of automotive with

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Reputation scores: why are us banks worse than other industries?

Enterprise reputation platform has released its 2019 Retail Banking Reputation
Report, which provides analysis of retail banking locations. It found that the average Reputation Score for retail banks is significantly lower than for other industries – in everything from online sentiment to review-response rate.

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Why Retail Banking Needs a Reputation Rehab

Most consumers probably don’t have strong opinions about their banks, since the relationship tends to be more transactional than emotional.
However, in the 2019 Retail Banking Report, a study by that analyzed online data relating to retail banking locations for 23 major U.S. banks, the banking industry was found to be lacking.

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Banks Have Got A Reputation, But They Can Improve It

If retail banks are so focused on the customer experience, personalization, the customer journey and a user-friendly customer interface, why do they rank an average 342 in their reputation score, behind retail at 515 and automotive at 570? And their scores are declining according to’s 2019 Retail Banking Reputation report.

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