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When bad user-generated content happens to good businesses

by Adam Dorfman, Director of Product at
Undoubtedly, the rise of user generated content (UGC) is one of the most compelling phenomena of the digital age. The ability for everyday people to become publishers through reviews, visual storytelling, tweets, and other forms of content has equaled the playing field between consumers and businesses and given a voice to millions.

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Leading online reputation management from

Getting your online reputation right can cause more than a few headaches. For multi-location, enterprise-scale businesses especially, the wealth of feedback they generate online can be both invaluable and detrimental depending on whether it’s actioned and acknowledged, and in some cases this can be essential for future success.

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Pearle Vision’s Shift From Promotions to Quality Care Brand Messaging

Executive Editor Joe Keenan interviews Doug Zarkin, vice president and chief marketing officer at Pearle Vision, a leader in the optical retail category that provides exam and eyewear retail products. They discuss Pearle Vision’s pivot from being a promotional-driven business to one focused on touting its quality care by working with

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CX is more important than ever for organizations. Their digital transformation from the year 2000 must continue and follow the technological development of search engines and social media. In this 20min interview video for French business media, BFM TV, Pascal Bensoussan, Chief Product Officer, explains the changes in consumer behaviours that drive large organizations to integrate Online Reputation Management into their strategies (in french).

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