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2018 Local Search Ranking Factors

In this article on local search ranking factors,‘s Adam Dorfman is quoted as saying: “I’m much more interested in building out and optimizing structured content on our client’s owned assets than I am on third party sites. They are both important but there is much more opportunity to increase your visibility within Google’s search results by focusing on the former.

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Which Major Retail Chains Offer the Best In-Store Experience?

Customer service still matters. Despite the much-discussed rise of e-commerce, roughly 80% of sales continue to take place in brick-and-mortar store — but to win their share of that business, retail leaders must recognize that they’re in a constant battle to prove themselves to the public.

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Is The Booming Job Economy Bad For Brands?

Jobs and more jobs — that’s the word from multiple sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the ultimate authority. That’s great news for job seekers, certainly. But what does it mean for brands?

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