Setup Implementation Packages

 Each package includes services for Core, Reviews, Social, Business Listings. Solutions and/or services not listed require additional professional services outside of the available packages.

Basic Implementation

Advanced Implementation

Ideal for 1-49 locations. Ideal for 50-200 locations.


CORE Basic Implementation Advanced Implementation
Logo Loading Corporate Level Logos Location Level Logos
Custom Roles Up to 4 Up to 8
User Loading (# of bulk uploads) Up to 2 Up to 4
Alert Setup Up to 2 configurations Custom alerting per user
Report Setup (Summary Only) Up to 2 configurations Custom configurations per user
Credential Loading and Oath Up to 50 locations Up to 50 locations
SSO Login Configuration Requires Professional Services Requires Professional Services
Custom Filters Up to 3 Up to 6
Location Loading Up to 50 Locations/1 Upload Up to 200 locations/3 Uploads
URL Finding and Loading Up to 50 locations Custom/Manual URL Finding and Loading
Request Template Customizations Basic Text Editing/Client Provides HTML Advanced HTML Edits
Request Template Setup Tenant-Level Tenant + Location-Level
Drip Campaign Setup Tenant-Level Tenant + Location-Level
Response Macro Setup Adding up to 10 Adding/editing 100+
Widget Setup (Tenant or Location-Level) 1 SEO or iFrame Up to 3 SEO or iFrame
Social Listening – Keyword Setup
Publishing Approval Workflow Setup
Content Loading Self-serve
RSS Feed Setup Load provided Feeds Find and load feeds
Queue Setup (Managed)
Business Listings    
SOT Data Configuration Up to 50 locations Up to 200 locations
SOT Data Loading Up to 50 locations/1 Upload Up to 200 locations/3 Uploads
Report Setup Up to 3 platform reports Up to 7 platform reports