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Reputation.com: This Customer Experience Management Company Has Raised $30 Million

Reputation.com — a provider of the first and only complete cloud-based enterprise reputation and customer experience management platform — announced it raised $30 million in recent equity financing. This is Reputation.com’s second round of funding since it pivoted towards an enterprise business as the company sold off its consumer business in early 2018.

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How brick-and-mortar retailers can succeed on Amazon

by Adam Dorfman, Director of Product Management at Reputation.com
The popularity of Amazon Marketplace over the years has made Amazon a more attractive destination for brick-and-mortar retailers. In a recent column, I discussed the example of one retailer that relies on Amazon to complement its offline operations.

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The MarTech Minute

Catch up on the week’s martech news, including Reputation.com pulls in $30 million in equity financing.

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Now’s the time to prepare your business for the holiday rush

by Claudia Gerbasi, Managing Director of Retail at Reputation.com
Again this year, Amazon Prime Day brought with it a swell of packages on front porches, making it look like the holiday season was upon us. Indeed, for two straight days in July, grown adults became giddy at the sight of the Amazon delivery person driving around their neighborhood.

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An expert breaks down how Facebook can prevent bias in its algorithms

Amid concerns about social media’s political bias, Facebook asked Republican Senator Jon Kyl to conduct a study on why conservatives feel targeted by Big Tech. The results are out this week, and one of the concerns from respondents is about Facebook’s algorithm. Michael Fertik, founder and managing partner at Heroic Ventures and Reputation.com executive chairman and founder, joins “Squawk Box” to discuss.

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