Facebook Advertising

Let’s be honest: everyone is using Facebook. In fact, the social platform boasts 1.5 billion daily users , which is more people than the current population of China — 1.36 billion. But the social... Read More ▶

Online reviews and ratings are inescapable on review sites and in search results. And no matter how much you spend on marketing, the more past customers have aired their grievances about your business online, the harder it is to attract new ones. Here are three ways that organizations repel customers — and what to do about it. Read More ▶

What you don't know about SEO is hurting your online reputation

Online reputation — as defined through reviews, social media, blogs and more — is the engine fueling location-based SEO. Read More ▶

Creating a simple and effective customer survey that solicits actionable feedback is a lot harder than it might sound. In fact, if your survey is too long, too complex, or doesn’t fit your audience,... Read More ▶

The team is happy to announce a new integration with — an established review site that connects customers to deals, advice from local merchants, and price quotes... Read More ▶