Special Projects

Special Projects

The state of the art in custom reputation management

Not all issues have an off-the-shelf solution. That’s where Reputation.com Special Projects comes in.

Special Projects addresses:

  • high search volume
  • powerfully authoritative sites
  • runaway virality
  • public relations crises
  • misleading search auto-suggestions
  • personal privacy threats
  • corporate privacy monitoring
  • unique project requests

For clients suffering from especially challenging issues, we offer custom-built, boutique engagements that address online reputation holistically across a wide range of areas.

Especially applicable to individuals with a wide-ranging public image—or the desire to avoid creating one—Special Projects engagements combine the world’s most powerful reputation technologies with the discreet, delicate touch necessary to handle highly sensitive situations.

If you believe your situation warrants this type of nuanced approach, call 1-800-737-8828 and ask to speak to our Special Projects team.

What makes Reputation.com Special Projects unique

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Holistic, long-term solutions

Special Projects liaises with your team to develop a nuanced understanding of your challenges. We then create a strategic plan, tailored to your needs, and execute it progressively for maximum impact. The end result is a robust, long-lasting improvement to your reputation.

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World-renowned expertise

Special Projects engagements are run by a small, elite team of reputation management experts working independently from the rest of Reputation.com. Your engagement receives ongoing, dedicated attention from the same expert personnel from start to finish, with all work done in-house.

state of the art

State-of-the-art technologies

The scope and breadth of Reputation.com’s research team gives Special Projects unparalleled access to powerful, proprietary technologies not available anywhere else. These tools allow us to mold your online reputation with a degree of specificity unheard of elsewhere.

Solutions overview

Search Results
Search Results – change the order of items, change search suggestions

Images & Video
Images & Video – promote/demote media across any online channel

Privacy Protection
Privacy Protection – remove sensitive information from online databases, monitor corporate privacy vulnerabilities

Strategic publication
Strategic publication – create and strategically disseminate large volumes of high-quality, tailored content

SEO consultation
SEO consultation – boost the efficacy of your pre-existing Web efforts

review management
Review management – improve average star ratings across review profiles, leverage customer goodwill for reputation gains

Analysis and reporting
Analysis and reporting – threat assessments, custom reporting, on-demand consultations

Anatomy of the search results

Not every aspect of your search results is generated in the same way—each element draws on different algorithms and content. Special Projects has solutions for all of them.

Typical scenarios

board meeting

Brand remediation

Situation: Company reputation tarnished by the actions of former leadership. Outdated and inflammatory search results dominate, and search suggestions point people toward negative materials. News media regularly reference past blunders. Bloggers and online reviews further reinforce negative conceptions. Recent successes and accomplishments overshadowed.

Solutions: Technological search remediation used to push down negative content in search results, replacement of misleading search suggestions with more appropriate alternatives, SEO work and content publication in conjunction with client PR team, review improvement campaign.

media frenzy

CEO under attack

Situation: Disgruntled ex launches a fabricated scandal against prominent business executive, including unflattering, doctored photographs. Scandal attracts media attention, a prominent potential hire walks away, and two major distributors halt orders. Anonymous threats are made against the CEO’s family, possibly originating from within the company.

Solutions: Privacy protection for CEO and his family, privacy monitoring dashboard installed for all company employees, technological search remediation used to push down negative news coverage and doctored images, comprehensive PR campaign mounted with guidance from Special Projects.

To receive a customized assessment, contact
Special Projects at 1-800-737-8828.

Case Studies

finance team

Financial services firm maligned

A team of entrepreneurial financial experts launched an innovative company that gives consumers more control over their credit. Unfortunately, just as the young company started to achieve its first successes, it was mischaracterized by the press.

Reputation.com Special Projects aggressively engaged the company’s search results, pushing all negative content off of Page 1 within 3 months.

law firm

Defamed law practice

A law firm specializing in financial law was targeted by an online smear campaign, mounted by another firm facing bankruptcy. Although the targeted firm won legal relief from its attacker, negative third-party commentary continued to rank, leading to the loss of important clients.

We were able to suppress the firm’s negative content from the default Google results within six weeks, reversing the firm’s losses and allowing them to rebuild their client base unhindered.


Philanthropist faces privacy and reputation threats

A prominent financier and philanthropist contacted us following a robbery in which his passport was stolen. The individual was disturbed that the thief had been able to track him down and break into his car. He was also worried that his search results painted a one-sided picture.

Reputation.com Special Projects removed his personal information from the vast majority of people search sites within 2 months and created the desired online image within 4 months.

To receive a customized assessment, contact
Special Projects at 1-800-737-8828.