Raconteur: Getting The Reviews That You Deserve

This article on Raconteur describes not only why online reviews are important to businesses but also how easy it is for those reviews to tell a misleading story. In the piece, Raconteur interviews Reputation.com UK managing director Richard Harrison, who describes how we help businesses generate more reviews and cultivate a fairer, more evenhanded online presence. Read More >>

"Your digital reputation is the key to success": Michael Fertik in the India Times

In this piece, the India Time's Priyanka Sangani interviews Reputation.com CEO Michael Fertik about the ways companies are using personal online data to make hiring decisions. The article also discusses key themes from Fertik's recent book, The Reputation Economy, and offers advice about "Big Analysis" for businesses. Read More >>

Business News Daily names Reputation.com best reputation management service for businesses

We’re very excited to have been chosen by Business News Daily as the top reputation management choice for businesses. In their review, they discuss specific features of our reputation management offerings and explain why they selected Reputation.com over our competitors. They also gave us high marks for customer service, the comprehensiveness of our features, and transparency in pricing.