Six Tricks to Rock Your Online Reviews

Got your hands full running your business? Sure, you know you should spend more time putting good content out there about your company, but there’s only so much time in the day, and it takes a specific kind of expertise to develop and manage online marketing campaigns and social media platforms.   

But one aspect of managing your online reputation is simple: let your customers speak for you!

Expert Interview with Dragos Roua on Entrepreneurship

Dragos Roua describes himself as a digital nomad and serial entrepreneur. He knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a venture succeed.

So what are some good habits that every entrepreneur needs to get into?

"Paying attention. This is fundamental. Every entrepreneur is so wrapped up in his own world, focusing on his project, that he often forgets what the real world look like," he says. "Active listening (to other people or to the signals that reality gives us back) is a very useful habit."

In addition, Dragos says staying in shape is critical.

Are You Keeping An Eye on Online Reviews?

All business owners have been there - a customer walks in and mentions seeing a bad review online. Bad review? That’s the first you’ve heard of it. 

Perhaps it’s been awhile since you’ve monitored your online reviews.  We have sympathy – monitoring online feedback can seem like a necessary evil, an overwhelming chore brought on by our increasingly transparent, networked universe.  But instead of looking at online reviews as a curse for the enterprise and the small business owner alike, think of them as they really are: a huge blessing.

Reputation Economy Expert Series: Seth Goldman, Honest Tea

As part of its Reputation Economy Expert Series, interviews Seth Goldman, president and TeaEO, of Honest Tea, which focuses on creating tasty, healthful, organic beverages.  Goldman's book, Mission in a Bottle, is the story of how he and co-founder Barry Nalebuff began the company and made it successful.  

Expert Interview with Steve Cody on How Important A Good Reputation Is

Steve Cody has one major piece of advice for brands hoping to stay reputable in the age of social media and instant communication.

"Listen. Listen. Listen," he says. "Admit fault when necessary and engage in an open dialogue with end users. The only way to maintain a good reputation is to be consistent and transparent in one's communications."


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