Dentists: Your online reputation deserves as much maintenance as your teeth

It’s no secret that consumers are putting more and more faith into online reviews.

We see the opinions of others and accord them credibility because, hey, they’re written by people just like you and me. And the dental industry is no different. More than 70 percent of dental patients surveyed said online ratings and reviews influenced which practitioner they chose, up from 53 percent just three years prior.

Big Data Brokers Facing Big Problems

On May 27, the Federal Trade Commission published a report that highlights the amount of personal information harvested by data brokers. The FTC looked at nine of the top names in the big data business -- Acxiom, CoreLogic, Datalogix, eBureau, ID Analytics, Intelius, PeekYou, Rapleaf and Recorded Future –- and exposed plenty of common practices that are hidden from the average consumer’s view.


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