Don't Mind Your Own Business: 7 Smart Ways To Monitor Your Online Competition

As a smart business owner, there’s no doubt you’re paying attention to your own brand, online and otherwise.

But how closely are you monitoring your competition?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, it’s a time stretch. But don’t skimp when it comes to competitive listening – it’s an integral part of marketing your small business and seeing how you stack up against others.

Fortunately, there are lots of great listening tools to help you.

1.) Routinely Google Competitors

Expert Interview with Luke Kling on Affiliate Marketing

Whether you're an affiliate or a network, a good reputation is critical in the affiliate marketing game says Luke Kling, director of marketing for

"PeerFly has a great reputation and since we've been able to build that reputation our business has exploded," he says. "Publishers trust us because they know we're going to pay them. They also know we're going to work hard to provide the best possible experience working with our network."

Reputation Economy Expert Series: Joel Gurin, Open Data Now

As part of its Reputation Economy Expert Series, interviews Joel Gurin, author of Open Data Now, a compelling look at how organizations and governments are exploring and leveraging public data in novel ways.

Q: It seems like all we hear about is Big Data, Big Data, Big Data.  But what’s the difference between Big Data and Open Data?

Expert Interview with Tim Kelsey on Online Marketing

Effectively marketing your small business doesn't have to cost you a mint says Tim Kelsey, marketing services manager for Pronto Marketing.

"One thing many business owners don't realize is that they are their most valuable content resource," he says. "Excellent content is a great way for small business to get noticed online and owners often try to outsource their content development when they could easily be doing it themselves."


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