If the review was written by another person, then you cannot remove it from Yelp. Yelp will only allow a user to remove his or her own reviews.

Yelp does occasionally filter reviews, which means these reviews do not appear on the main review page for a business, and Yelp will remove a review if the review violates its Terms of Service or Content Guidelines. However, Yelp will never remove a review at a business owner’s request. For more information on how Yelp’s review filter works, check out this section of the company’s FAQ:

If a negative review is hurting your business, there are ways you can work to improve your reputation. If the complaints in the negative review are wholly or even partly justified, you can address those issues internally to prevent future customers from having the same negative experience. You can also solicit honest reviews from satisfied customers. If your business’ reviews page has mostly positive reviews, and those reviews are recent, most people will discount the old negative review or assume your business has fixed any problems it might have had then, and they will come away with a positive impression of your business.  For a free consultation, please call us at 1-888-720-3332.


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