Intelius is an online database of personal information that aggregates nearly everything about you, including your home addresses, phone numbers, age, date of birth, relatives, income, aliases and court records, past and present; however it is possilbe to remove information from Intelius.

Accessible to just about anyone with a computer, Intelius and its network of websites (, and others) allow individuals and businesses to purchase a relatively inexpensive background or criminal check on whomever they wish. Intelius collects positive, neutral or negative information about you from all public databases and organizes it an easy-to-use online interface, listing items you may not want in the public domain.

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Just what is Intelius exactly?

Founded by former InfoSpace executives in 2003, Intelius quickly became a popular online destination for personal and criminal background searches. Offering products to the consumer and business entities alike, Intelius scans white pages, yellow pages, newspaper articles, social networks, blogs and public records databases and compiles online profiles for names mentioned within those databases. These profiles can range from the most basic identifying information, such as addresses and phone numbers, to advanced intelligence, including bankruptcies, marriages and criminal histories:

  • For $1.95, a user can order an Intelius report, which enumerates date of birth, age, relatives, phone numbers, addresses, previous cities of residence and more for each individual who shares a certain name in a certain state.
  • Other products, such as the Background Report ($49.95), deliver all the information mentioned above, plus a single-state criminal check, marriage and divorce records, civil judgments and death records for the name in question (and similar names in other states).

Used by both professional and amateur investigators, including potential employers, banks and romantic interests (yes, people you date), information available through Intelius can influence whether or not you get a job, a loan or a second date. In short, Intelius leaves no stone unturned when it comes to personal data.

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Getting & Staying Off Intelius: Automatically

To get off & stay off Intelius and it's affiliates there are a couple of options: Do the work manually each month (details on how to do this further down the page), or engage a service like ExecPrivacy.

  •'s ExecPrivacy team searches the web for your personal information across a large number of site like Intelius, Spokeo, Whitepages etc, and notifies you where your personal & private data is being found.
  • Our team then removes your data from Intelius and all these other sites, and if we find your data being re-populated at any point (this happens a lot) then we will remove your data again and again.

Getting off Intelius: a time-consuming task but well worth the effort

Intelius allows, for those willing to put in the legwork, the option to remove a particular record from its extensive database manually. The process to remove information from Intelius is as follows:

  • Prove you’re who you say you are. Make a copy of your driver’s license or state-issued identification card, and cross out your photo and license number. Intelius requires proof of your name, date of birth and address only.
  • Write a letter stating the precise record you want removed — the company can only remove the ones that pertain to a specific name. For example, a request to remove “John Smith” won’t remove “John Q. Smith.”
  • Fax the letter and copy of the identification card to Intelius at 425-974-6194. Intelius won’t take opt-out requests by phone or email.
  • Be ready to wait four to six weeks for a response.

Even after you complete the steps above and Intelius removes the offending record from its database, there’s no guarantee that this data will remain expunged for eternity. Any time a public record changes, it can be reacquired by Intelius. To this end, Intelius recommends that you contact the official custodians of the record and find out how to seal it, which sometimes requires a court order.

How to contact Intelius Directly

Intelius Inc.
500 108th Ave NE
22nd Floor
Bellevue, WA 98004

Phone: 425-974-6100

Fax: 425-974-6194