Four Free Privacy Protection Tools from

In the world of Facebook and Google, protecting your online privacy and reputation is a must. Unfortunately, too few people know the proper steps they need to take to protect their Internet privacy, often ignoring the problem until it’s too late and their personal information ends up on the Web for anyone to see.


Since 2006, has focused on delivering affordable and easy-to-use reputation management and online privacy products to its customers. Recently, expanded these efforts with the development of a new line of free products designed to help individuals protect their good names online and control their personal digital data.

This article will touch on four of’s free privacy protection tools and how they can help you control your online reputation and privacy.


Reputation Alerts:  Finds out what the Web is saying about you

Reputation Alerts (BETA) gives individuals the ability to monitor the Web for information about them via a comprehensive daily alert. Unlike Google Alerts, or similar free alert services, Reputation Alerts searches for information throughout the Internet, including the deep Web, for any and all content about you. Some of the many items users will be able to find through a Reputation Alerts search include:

  • listings in people search databases
  • news articles
  • Web records
  • social networking profiles, and more.

Using Reputation Alerts users can see exactly how they appear on the Web, and learn what information is available about them on the open Internet. This better equips users to protect their privacy and control their reputations online.

Should an individual discover something he or she doesn’t like, they can call to learn how to remove it using the company’s paid services.


uProtect.It: Encrypts your Facebook messages’s new free Facebook privacy app, uProtect.It (BETA), allows Facebook users to send encrypted messages, giving them the ability to keep private information from ending up in the wrong hands (and on Facebook’s servers).

Hailed as a “Facebook privacy breakthrough” by author and journalist David Kirkpatrick, uProtect.It delivers a level of messaging control that is unprecedented for Facebook users. With uProtect.It’s encryption system, only the intended recipient can access the message, meaning no accidental messages, wall updates, or other Facebook faux pas.

The uProtect.It application it is free to download on all browsers. If you experience sluggishness using the application, don’t worry. The team is working on rapid iterations of the product, and any issues are being addressed immediately. If you are interested in using Facebook to connect with friends and family, but are worried about the privacy implications of social networking, check out uProtect.It.


PrivacyDefender: Manages your Facebook privacy settings

For complete control over your Facebook privacy, combine uProtect.It with’s other Facebook application, PrivacyDefender. With PrivacyDefender from, Facebook users can easily manage their privacy settings and ensure that only the people they choose can access their content.

In four steps, PrivacyDefender resets your Facebook privacy settings, giving you precise control over how you share information. Although it is possible to adjust your Facebook privacy settings manually (see recommended Facebook privacy settings), PrivacyDefender takes the hard work and confusion out of the process and grants you instant peace of mind in knowing that your personal privacy is protected.

Check out this article for more details on how to install and use PrivacyDefender from your Internet browser.


Privacy Check: Finds out who has your personal data

There are literally hundreds of people-search databases and information brokers on the Web; so many in fact, that finding your information on each of them would take weeks. That’s where’s Privacy Check comes into play.

Privacy Check, which is a completely free app, gives individuals the ability to see exactly which information brokers have their personal information through one simple search. Instead of taking weeks, Privacy Check only takes minutes, giving users near-instant knowledge of where their information appears online, and empowering them to do something about it.

With an upgrade to’s paid MyPrivacy service, individuals can take the next step and actively remove their personal information from dozens of people-search websites in one simple click, and continue to have their personal information removed for as long as they remain a MyPrivacy customer. is always looking for innovative solutions to Internet privacy and reputation management problems, and is happy to offer these products to the world for free. If you have a particular privacy problem that you need help with, please let us know via our online contact form, and maybe the next free product builds will be just for you.