Tailor-made solutions for the
high-profile and business markets

Proven and effective, our Picasso services draw on a suite of powerful, proprietary technologies developed by our in-house R&D team. Reputation.com® Picasso services can be used with any of our other products or on their own. No other service in the world provides this level of control over your online reputation.

Personalized attention, customized solutions

Cutting-edge technology

Developed by some of the brightest scientific, legal and engineering
minds in Silicon Valley.

Collaborative and engaged

Strategies developed in tandem with you and your team. Tactics
reevaluated on a regular basis for maximum impact.

Frequent status updates

Weekly phone updates. Monthly written reports.

White-glove service

Overseen by your own dedicated engagement team. We’ll take care of you every step of the way.

Completely organic results

Work with your existing online content or have us create new content from scratch.

Virtually limitless custom content

Tailor-made content and publication strategies developed to meet your objectives. Options as diverse as the Internet itself.

Boutique approach

No two clients receive the same solution. We design the engagement according to your objectives and build out as required.

Our customers include:

  • Executives and high-net-worth individuals
  • Mid-size businesses, public and private corporations,
    Fortune 100 companies
  • Internationally known public figures, celebrities, politicians

Online brand and image control

Push down outdated, incorrect, or false information in the search
results. Push up positive, flattering information that reflects on your
desired online image.

Crisis management:

Prevent new or soon-to-be-posted online attacks from being amplified
and commented upon by bloggers, forums, and social media networks.

Preventative image defense (“Google insurance”):

Bolster your search results to increase the likelihood that they will be
able to withstand any future publication of unwanted content.

Award-winning service & technology

Based in Silicon Valley, Reputation.com® has an unrivaled customer service team and deploys cutting-edge online reputation
management tools. Reputation.com® is recognized as the preeminent leader in online reputation management.

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