Control Access to Your Personal Data

Privacy solutions tailored to the needs of VIPs offers two high-touch privacy solutions designed for prominent individuals with busy schedules: ExecutivePrivacy and ExecutivePrivacy Plus. Following a three-minute setup call, we do all the work. Both solutions feature a named privacy concierge who is your single point of contact for all of your online privacy needs. He or she will make sure that your private information stays off the Internet. Period.

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Obscure your personal data, no matter where it’s hosted

We search out all of the online sources that sell your personal information. No matter what their opt-out procedures, we remove your data. If opt-outs can be initiated automatically, our technology backend processes them instantly. If a manual opt-out is required, your privacy concierge submits the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

compliance monitoring

Ensure compliance with round-the-clock monitoring

Many people-search sites will re-add your personal information periodically, even if you’ve opted out. We prevent them from doing this by constantly monitoring for compliance. We also scan for new sources of personal information, issuing immediate removal requests for anything that appears.

Protect your browsing patterns from trackers

Whenever you visit a website, tracking cookies profile you. We offer tools to opt you out of online tracking so that your interests and activities stay private.

In addition, we reduce the amount of unsolicited postal mail and email that you receive by submitting opt-outs on your behalf to marketing organizations.

Privacy report

Personalized reporting

We send you periodic updates on the status of your privacy protection, including the removals we’ve made and any outstanding issues. You can also log into our dashboard at any time for an update, or simply call your privacy concierge.

Privacy search results

Overhaul your public image

We also provide tools that show you exactly what other people find when they search for you online. Find out what your search results say about you, and receive a complimentary assessment of what can be done to improve your image.

web monitoring

Email alerts for any new threats

We monitor search results, social media, and the “Deep Web” to find all sources that mention you. If anything problematic appears, your privacy concierge will send you an email alert with the pertinent details.

corporate dashboard

Corporate privacy management dashboard

Exposed personal information can create privacy vulnerabilities for businesses. We offer a centralized dashboard that allows you to manage the privacy preferences for your entire management team at once. See who is most exposed and what can be done to rectify the situation. Compare the online reputations of key individuals in your organization.