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Do You Know What The Internet
Is Revealing About You?!

The growth of the Internet has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of personal information online about you and your family. Public data, such as your full name, address, age and even your income? Yes, it's all out there. All of this information can be easily searched for and found online – by everyone and anyone in a matter of a few clicks.
"11 Million U.S. citizens were affected
by identity theft in 2009"

Your Reputation Can Be Damaged Online In Just Seconds

  • Thieves and scammers can steal your identity and money.
  • Your children and family could be harassed, even stalked.
  • Data brokers can sell your name to disreputable marketers.
  • Job recruiters or landlords can dig into your personal life.

MyPrivacy® helps keep your personal information private

MyPrivacy® will find your personal information on the web and constantly remove it from these and other, similar, online databases:
  • Inflection (aka Phone Detective, Email Finder, Free Phone Tracer, PeopleSmart,
  • Rapleaf
  • Whitepages
  • Intelius (removal only)

MyPrivacy® constantly protects your online reputation® will provide you with a full rundown of what and where content can be found about you.

Plans & Pricing

When you buy MyPrivacy®, you’ll get the following benefits that will protect you both online and offline:
  • Find out what sites are selling your data.
  • Remove data from 16 people-search sites.
  • Get expert help with Intelius removal.
  • Block tracking of your online activities.

Get started with a low annual plan $99
Save 25% with our 2-year plan $149
Save 50% with 5 years of coverage $249

Call 877-492-6707 to talk to a privacy specialist to place your order.

Award-winning service & technology

Based in Silicon Valley,® has an unrivaled customer service team and deploys cutting-edge online reputation
management tools.® is recognized as the preeminent leader in online reputation management.

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