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Protect your family with online privacy protection

Your reputation lives online, and your privacy is for sale. Virtually every detail of your life and your family's lives is easily accessible and for sale on the Internet: your name, full name, age, your children's names & ages — even your income and home address.

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Online reputation is serious business:

  • Thieves and scammers can steal your identity and money.
  • Your children and family could be harassed, even stalked.
  • Data brokers can sell your name to disreputable marketers.
  • Job recruiters, insurers, and landlords can dig into your personal life.

Hide your personal data from prying eyes

We scan the Internet to find your exposed personal information—phone numbers, addresses, birth date, relatives, and more—then we help you take it down. Select the types of information you want removed, and automatically processes opt-outs on your behalf. This stops people-search sites from selling your personal information to individuals who might have ulterior motives.

Stay protected with ongoing compliance monitoring

People-search sites will re-add you whenever a variation on your personal data appears anywhere online. We monitor regularly, making sure that your info does not reappear. If we find that your information has been reposted, we automatically issue a removal request.

Keep tabs on what your search results say about you

See how other people view you online. Determine whether or not key information is visible. Is unflattering information about other people being incorrectly associated with your name? Get suggestions on strengthening your search results so that they tell the story of the real you: accurate, current, positive.

Monitor where you’re being discussed online

We conduct comprehensive searches for your name, locating pages that discuss you on any level of the Internet, including surface pages, query-based "Deep Web" databases, and social media sites. Whenever new pages appear, you receive an alert.

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