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65% of people begin their search
for a lawyer on the Internet 1.

The only reputation management service designed specifically for the unique needs of lawyers.

Fix your Google results today.

No one asks people for job references or background
information anymore, they ask Google. And if your name turns
up news reports, legal filings, embarrassing party photos, or
other questionable material, you’re likely to get passed over.

You are ALL your search results
When people Google your name, they take the results at face value and judge you on that information, even if it’s untrue (or about someone else).

Negative content hurts
The longer a bad link appears in your search results, the more people see it and the more damage it does to your career, finances, and your relationships.

There are no second chances
Because it’s so easy to look elsewhere on the Internet, unflattering search results can severely limit opportunities for improving your life and livelihood.

The Internet never forgets
Once something negative is posted online about you it’s there forever, slowly eroding your reputation and limiting your opportunities for a better life.


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How we make you look your best online.

Negative, inaccurate or misleading content appearing in your top Google results makes a bad impression on people searching for you. And while no one can delete that content (except the person who posted it), we can make it effectively go away.

Search engines have gotten so good lately that people find what they’re looking for in the first three search results over 75% of the time. More importantly, 84% of people never look past the first page. So anything bumped to the second page (or lower) is, for all intents and purposes, rendered invisible.

Our patented technology and patented, proprietary strategies, developed by world-class scientists, engineers and years of R&D, can make good content rank highly in your results, eventually displacing the negative content and bumping it out of your top results.

This approach also prevents future negative content from appearing where people will see it. So don’t wait — the longer people see the personal attacks, police reports, bankruptcy filings or other negative content in your top search results, the more damage it does. Take back control of your search results now.

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