85% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase and 89% trust online reviews.
-Cone Inc.-

Make sure they find you

Be seen by more potential customers in your area. We create custom landing pages for you that feature photos, customer testimonials, and more.

Know what they’re saying about you

You don’t need to surf across the Web to find out what your customers really think. Google+, Yahoo!, DealerRater, Cars.com and more — our platform automatically collects your reviews from all of the major automotive and general-purpose review sites. Customizable alerts tell you whenever a new negative review is posted so that you can respond, and powerful tools let you make sense of customer feedback.

Get more positive online reviews

Online reviews are essential to winning the trust of savvy auto shoppers. That’s why we email your happy customers following each sale or service, asking for a review. Links to review sites are embedded in the email to keep it simple, and we send them to the sites that will have the largest impact on your online reputation.

We also provide tablet-based kiosks for use in your dealership. Positive comments prompt a review request, while negative comments go to your customer service team.

Consumers are 25% more likely to research online reviews for high-cost purchases such as automobiles.
-Local Consumer Review Survey-

Social media made easy

You can easily respond and post to social media comments right from the dashboard, so there’s no need to log into multiple websites. We also collect a library of relevant, local content for your use so you always have something new to post. Too busy for social media? Have us manage your social media presence for you.

Reputation scoring

Our comprehensive Reputation Score shows at a glance how you compare to the nationwide industry average. Developed by our team of PhD experts, the score pulls information from virtually every review site online and weighs it according to variables that make sense for the automotive industry.

Competitor comparisons

Know how your online reputation stacks up against nearby competitors? We break down their reputation scores so you can see exactly where you’re winning and where you can improve.

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Case Studies

The impact of reputation management

An automotive retailer with a national presence contracted Reputation.com to improve its online reputation. In a six-week pilot, the dealerships we managed saw a 500% increase in positive reviews and a 60% decrease in negative reviews.

Reputation.com vs. the competition

After one year with Reputation.com, we compared dealerships at a major US retailer, some who were working with Reputation.com and others who were working with two other vendors. Dealerships with Reputation.com exceeded the other dealerships in all metrics.

Online reviews: managed service vs. self-service

Across our entire customer base, reputation management campaigns run by us provide at least double the return on investment over self­-service.

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The Methodology

The Platform

Managed Services