Reputation Management Success Stories

Real-world examples of our solutions at work.

Return on Investment:

Managed service vs. self-service

Across our entire customer base, reputation management campaigns run by us provide at least double the return on investment over self­-service.

Healthcare Industry:

The impact of online reputation management

A national network of healthcare providers contracted to provide HIPAA­compliant review management infrastructure for over 400 locations. Within 6 months, had boosted the number of positive reviews by 438%.

Automotive Industry:

The impact of reputation management

An automotive retailer with a national presence contracted to improve its online reputation. In a six­week pilot, the dealerships we managed saw a 500% increase in positive reviews and a 60% decrease in negative reviews.

Automotive Industry: vs. the competition

After one year with, we compared dealerships at a major US retailer, some who were working with and others who were working with two other vendors. Dealerships with exceeded the other dealerships in all metrics.

Car Rental Industry:

The impact of reputation management

An international car rental brand asked us to improve the online reputation of its locations. Over three months, we compared a pilot group with a control group. The pilot group saw a significant improvement in all metrics, while the control group flatlined.

Property Management Industry:

The impact of reputation management

We compared two clients in the property management industry, both with multiple facilities across the US. By analyzing their reviews, we were able to determine the issues that are most important to their customers and to renters in general.

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