Reputation Management Platform

Don’t settle for a partial fix. Track, analyze, and improve every aspect of your business’s online reputation using a single, cloud­-based platform. It’s the only tool you need to manage your online reputation.

Features at a Glance

Local search presence

Presence - Your business info is populated across all the top listings sites. A dedicated landing page is provided for each of your physical business locations.

Online Reviews

Online Reviews - All your reviews are collected into one dashboard, including both general and industry­specific review sites. Effortlessly recruit your best customers to write you new reviews. On­site digital kiosks facilitate review requesting.

Social Media

Social Media - Manage Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ from the dashboard, including new posts and replies. A library of unique, local content is collected for easy, one­click publication to your social sites.

Surveying Customers

Surveying - Create custom surveys from the dashboard and send them out by email or via your digital kiosk.

Reputation Analysis

Analysis - Compare current and historical data for any variable collected in the platform. A wide range of common analyses come built it. Set custom alerts for new reviews or other events.

Benchmarking and Scoring

Benchmarking & Scoring - Our reputation score compares you to local competitors and the national average for your industry. If you have multiple locations, it also compares them to each other.

Location Alignment

Location Alignment - The platform scales automatically from a single location to tens of thousands, all according to your organizational structure. Set different permission levels for different users, so that your team members only see what they need.

Features business landing page


Business listings management - Populate your business’s name, address phone number, and other key information in online business listings or “Yellow Pages” sites. New profiles are created automatically, and existing listings are updated with the most current details. Sites are chosen to impact local search, so that when someone looks for a business in your area, they’ll find you.

Customizable landing pages - creates a unique landing page for each of your physical business locations, showing its name, address, hours, contact information, and more. Transform landing pages into dynamic websites by configuring the platform to autopublish positive customer feedback to them.

Online Reviews Tab

Online Reviews

Compiled online reviews - Google+, Yahoo!, RateMDs,, Travelocity and more—our platform automatically collects your reviews from all of the major review sites and any industry­specific sites that matter to your business. Filter, flag, respond, and track reviews from within the dashboard.

Generate new reviews - Sync your CRM system with our platform to automatically request reviews from happy customers following a sale or interaction. Use our proven email templates or create your own. Links to your review sites are embedded in the email: our reputation analysis algorithms automatically choose the sites that will create the biggest impact.

Review kiosks - We provide customized tablet kiosks for on­site use. A simple, one­screen interface encourages customers to review. Negative feedback goes to your management team so you can resolve the situation. Positive feedback prompts the customer to post a review online. Kiosk text is fully customizable.

Publish to landing pages - Kiosks can be configured to automatically publish positive comments to your landing page, instantly creating a dynamic website with virtually no work on your part.

92% of Internet users read product reviews and 89% of people say that reviews influence their purchasing decisions.
-E Tailing Group-

Social Publishing Tab

Social Media

Compiled social media - Your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts sync to the platform, and new social comments appear in real time. Respond, post, flag, track, and perform any social media actions directly from the dashboard.

Dynamic content library - On a daily basis, collects news articles, blogs, industry­specific content, and local interest stories (identified by ZIP code) that are relevant to your business. We preformat this information into ready­made social media posts, broken down by category. One click is all it takes to push these posts to your social sites.

Scheduling & permissions - Compose new posts and schedule them to
be published at a later date. Set up permission tiers for your team, so that junior members can create posts then send them to a manager for approval before they appear on your social profiles.

Tablet kiosk


Create custom surveys - Create surveys within the platform to test consumer sentiment on any issue. Survey formats are fully customizable, and responses can be published to your landing pages.

Online or offline - Send out surveys by email, or push them to your kiosk tablets to collect information from customers before they leave your place of business.

Reports and Analytics Tab


Tools to track trends - A wide range of standard and customized analyses are built into the platform. Drill down by any set of variables. Distribute reports automatically to custom email lists. Schedule periodic reports and/or event­triggered reports.

Set up custom alerts - A quick response is the best way to convert unhappy customers to brand evangelists. The platform can send email or SMS alerts for new negative reviews, either as they happen or in a digest format. Have alerts sent directly to you or forward them to your customer service team.

Thematic review analysis - Advanced natural­language processing algorithms discover key trends in your customer reviews. Track customer service satisfaction, location cleanliness, product preferences, and more. Leverage this data to make operational improvements.

A difference of one star in the average rating of a typical online business can lead to a 5% to 9% difference in revenues.
-Harvard Business Review-

Benchmarking & Scoring

Reputation scoring - Our sophisticated scoring algorithm looks at online reputation holistically by comparing data from sites across the Internet. This allows you to rank yourself against the industry, or to rank your locations against each other. The score is broken down into variables so you can see exactly which factors affect your online reputation.

Competitor comparisons - We also show you the reputation scores of competitors in the same or nearby ZIP codes. We break down their scores into variables so you can see exactly where you excel and where you lag behind.

National reputation view

Location Alignment

Scalable & flexible - Our platform automatically scales from the individual location level up to the full national view. We configure your dashboard to mirror your company’s organizational structure, whether by sales region, state, city, or any other geographical boundary.

Unlimited logins & tiers - No need to share login details—we can configure individual logins for every member of your team and restrict data access to only those functions each team member needs.

User permissions - Set up regular reports, notices, alerts, and other communications to keep local managers up to date on their reputation progress. Assign specific permissions to individual users or groups, and set up checkpoints to prevent unauthorized posts or responses.

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