Consumers will pay at least 20% more for establishments with 5 stars instead of 4.


Maximize your search presence

We help you gain the attention of potential customers by boosting your ranking in local and mobile searches. creates a custom landing page for each of your facilities, featuring guest reviews, photos, and other important information your guests are looking for.

All your reviews in a single dashboard

There’s no easier way to monitor what your guests are saying about you online. compiles all your reviews from Google+, Travelocity, TripAdvisor, Yahoo!, and other top sites into an easy-to-use dashboard. Reviews can be sorted, flagged, or forwarded from the dashboard. You can also configure email alerts for new negative comments so you can follow up promptly, and our analytical tools make it easy to measure trends over time.

Turn guests into brand evangelists

Online reviews have a huge impact on bookings, so synchronizes with your reservations system to ask recent guests to review you online. Templates, send schedules, opt-outs, and a range of other factors can be customized to the needs of your establishment. We also include links to your review sites in each email, selected to maximize the positive impact on your reputation.

You can also collect feedback from guests before they leave the premises, using our tablet-based kiosks. We ask satisfied guests to review you online, and we forward any complaints to your team for follow-up.

Improving online review scores by one percent boosts RevPAR by 1.42%.
-Cornell University-

Social media made easy

Real-time social media tools come built into the platform, allowing you to interact with customers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ directly from the dashboard. Our algorithms also scour the Web for local and industry-related content, which is then transformed into ready-made social media posts that you can publish with a single click.

The team can also run a comprehensive, full-service social campaign for you, including responding to guest questions and optimizing your profiles.

Reputation scoring

We look at the reputations of hotels and resorts around the world, examining their online reputations holistically and scoring them according to a series of industry-specific variables. Use our score to see where your business is ahead of the curve and where there’s still work to do.

Size up the competition gives you the scores of your local competitors as well as your own, so you can see what factors matter the most in your local market and develop a competitive edge.

Return on Investment

Managed service vs. self-service

Across our entire customer base, reputation management campaigns run by us provide at least double the return on investment over self­-service.

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