Yelp Help: Is Yelp Filtering Out Your Positive Reviews?

It’s a common complaint: a customer posts a positive review of your business on Yelp, but then it disappears! Yelp’s filters are designed to prevent fake or untrustworthy reviews from appearing, but sometimes they block the wrong reviews. Here’s what you can do to get your reviews back.

Yelp Filtered Reviews

Work with the Yelp filters
Yelp’s filters block the following types of reviews:

Listen Up Doctors - Study shows customer service trumps expertise

Vitals Study Wordcloud

Ask for reviews--they'll mostly be positive. Though of course, patients care more about bedside manner than medical outcome, so you need to focus on perception. With people increasingly turning to review sites to rate their medical experiences, customer service has become a crucial factor for doctors trying to attract new patients.

Why online reviews trump ‘likes’ and ‘followers’

Over the last decade, social media has undergone massive transformation – and the change is ongoing.

While Facebook started out merely as a way for undergrads to mingle, now nearly every business has a page and works on attracting ‘likes.’ Twitter was once most useful to celebrities and teenagers. Today, it’s rare to find a business that doesn’t try to interact with their customers via 140-character messages.

Announcing the New Business Website

We’re proud to announce our newly redesigned Business and Enterprise website, the preeminent resource for business reputation online. In addition to a complete design makeover and tons of new product screenshots, we’ve added a Learning Center with self-help resources, a series of educational downloads, best practices, industry-specific information, success stories, webinars and more—all just a click away.

How to set up the Facebook App

The Facebook App is the easiest way to incorporate verified customer reviews onto your Facebook business page. Reviews are collected through the platform, either via surveys or kiosk tablets, and once verified by you, they are posted to your Facebook business page, accessible through a “Customer Reviews” tab.

Stake a claim to your search results page

Have you ever Googled yourself? If you’ve ever taken the time to check out your search results, you may have experienced the gamut of emotions.

Perhaps you were surprised to see a disgruntled former employee had taken to blogging, disparaging your name and your company. Or someone who shares your name – but not your pristine past – is popping up above accurate information about you, sullying your good name with her questionable history. Maybe it’s an ex-boyfriend with an axe to grind.

Dentists: Your online reputation deserves as much maintenance as your teeth

It’s no secret that consumers are putting more and more faith into online reviews.

We see the opinions of others and accord them credibility because, hey, they’re written by people just like you and me. And the dental industry is no different. More than 70 percent of dental patients surveyed said online ratings and reviews influenced which practitioner they chose, up from 53 percent just three years prior.