NEW! Request Reviews Metrics tab lets you optimize email templates for better customer engagement

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You asked and we delivered! We are excited to announce our new Request Reviews Metrics feature (in beta mode), which makes it easier for you to monitor and improve the performance of your review-request emails. Review Request Metrics gives you a detailed view of delivery and open rates, click activity, bounces and other factors that reflect how engaged your customers are.

Here’s a quick overview of each component, along with best practices on how you can leverage your data to improve email engagement: study reveals why online reviews are like equity for dealerships

Car dealership

For consumers, buying a car is the biggest purchasing decision they’ll ever make, second only to a home. They spend valuable time and effort researching the brand, features, pricing and dealerships, and they turn to online reviews for guidance prior to making a buying decision.

A recent study conducted by sheds light on the growing importance of online reviews within the automative industry—in fact, 7 out of 10 car shoppers stated that reviews of dealerships are a ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important part of the research process. Wins Fifth Consecutive Stevie Award for Customer Service

Stevie Award Golden Statues

The Stevie® Awards are business awards that recognize excellence from both individuals and organizations, chiefly in sales and customer service. Created in 2002, the Stevies have become a guidepost for the most service-minded companies around the globe. This year’s results are in and it’s official: 2015 marks the fifth year that’s Customer Support department has won an award for excellence! Because online firms are infrequently recognized in this area, we are especially delighted to be spotlighted by the Stevies.

Real-time tweets to appear in Google results once again: what it means for your business

Google + Twitter

Twitter and Google recently struck a deal to integrate tweets into Google search pages in real time. Google previously had to crawl Twitter’s site to find user content, but with this new integration, tweets will be fed automatically to Google as they are posted. This means that Google will be able to show tweets in the search results instantly. The change will be rolled out sometime over the next few months, according to sources involved with the project.

Attention doctors: study shows positive reviews more important than ever

Doctor Patient

A recent study conducted by Software Advice drives home the importance of online reviews for doctors and other healthcare practitioners. The study shows that online reviews are becoming increasingly important in a patient’s decision-making process, mirroring the trend we have seen in virtually every service-based industry.

Here are the key findings:

How to make online reviews work for you—not against you

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Here at, we’ve always maintained that it’s better to encourage positive reviews than to try to fight negative ones. In fact, as online reviews become more ubiquitous, this is quickly becoming the only effective strategy to manage online reviews—a lesson several businesses in the hospitality industry recently learned the hard way.

Announcing the launch of our new Apple iPad Mini kiosk tablet

Apple iPad Mini with the iPort

We are excited to announce the roll out of our new Apple iPad Mini kiosk tablet program. Starting this month, we will be migrating from our existing Android-based tablets to the Apple iPad Mini. We sat down with Sathya Krishnamoorthy, Senior Director of Product Management at, to learn more about the program and what our customers can expect from this migration.

NEW! Measure your social media ROI using our “Social Metrics” feature

Think determining your social media ROI is hard? Not anymore! The platform now includes Social Conversation, Publishing, and Social Metrics features to make it easy to for you to monitor, manage and track social media content from one single location. These features—unique to—give you a breakdown of your Facebook content in terms of likes, reach, impressions and engagement across various business locations. It also gives you an infinite Facebook post history scroll, so you can gauge the effectiveness of the content and take actions based on that data.

Small business, big impact: Transform your business this year with

Small Business Big Impact

The concept of online reputation hogged the media limelight in 2014, encompassing TV stars, companies, CEO—even countries. It’s clearer than ever that online reputation is here to stay and that it affects your business. Increasingly, online reputation is how you differentiate your brand, retain existing customers, and market to new prospects.

So, while you map out your 2015 sales forecasts and strategic marketing plans, let’s take a look at the three ways can help achieve your business’s online reputation goals:

NEW! Reputation Score enhancements provide a more holistic look at how customers perceive your business

Reputation Score’s Reputation Score is the simplest way to get a bird’s-eye view of how consumers see your business online—and now it’s more powerful than ever. We recently fine-tuned the Reputation Score algorithm to accurately reflect the changing landscape of online reputation. The five standard variables are still there, but they’ve been augmented and enhanced for greater precision: