Simply social content publishing and boost engagement using our “Social Publishing (Beta)” feature

Think having a strong presence across various social networks is time-consuming and hard? Not anymore! With our new Social Publishing (Beta) feature you can easily post, schedule, review and publish content across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ from one single location. This new feature, which boasts of an enhanced look includes:

Amplify Positive Customer Feedback with Our Review Site Widgets

As our business customers know already, stellar online reviews can inspire new customers to walk through your doors and decide to buy. If your business already has great reviews on popular sites, why not maximize their impact and display them proudly on your business's homepage?'s review site widgets make it easy to display a summary of your business's online ratings and reviews on any webpage.

Patients Are Powerful: Why You and I Are Reviewing Our Doctors

Patients Are Powerful: Why You and I Are Reviewing Our Doctors

That meal you had at a fantastic restaurant. The lackluster service that came with your oil change. The beautiful selection at a local boutique. Reviewing our experiences with retail and restaurants is commonplace – we do it all the time. Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that more and more of us are taking the opportunity to share our opinions of our healthcare.

NEW! Monitor and optimize your business’s Twitter presence using our Twitter Metrics feature

Find out how effective your Twitter efforts are in gaining new followers, driving engagement or improving your brand’s visibility using our new “Twitter Metrics” feature. This feature combined with our “Facebook Metrics”, helps you monitor and manage your social presence across channels and make informed decisions from one single dashboard.

How does it work?

NEW! Respond to reviews directly from the Review & Ratings Tab logo
We are excited to announce that you can now respond to reviews directly from within the platform. This makes it that much easier to manage reviews that customers post to your business’s page. 
How it Works
  • Log into the platform and go to the Ratings & Reviews tab. If desired, filter your reviews so you only see posts from 
  • Click on the response box and start typing. 
  • Your response will automatically show up on your page. 

Updated Reputation Score: Adding New Visibility Thermometer and Competitive Benchmarks

Whether you own a small business or lead marketing for a major corporation, one marketing truth prevails: we operate in a consumer-driven era where the voice of the customer is amplified like never before through online reviews, social media and surveys. Monitoring and managing online reputation has become a critical business function. That’s why we created the Reputation Score, a sophisticated measure that evolves with this constantly changing landscape to help you understand your business’s online reputation.

Study: customers avoid businesses with negative reviews about cleanliness

Clean restaurant

We live in an era where a business’s online reputation is driven by customer experience and reviews. Whether it’s buying a car, looking for a restaurant, or choosing a dentist, customers rely on online reviews for guidance prior to making a buying decision. This was highlighted in a recent Harris Poll, which revealed that 85% of Americans would not patronize businesses with online reviews criticizing the cleanliness of its facilities.