NEW! Respond to reviews directly from the Review & Ratings Tab logo
We are excited to announce that you can now respond to reviews directly from within the platform. This makes it that much easier to manage reviews that customers post to your business’s page. 
How it Works
  • Log into the platform and go to the Ratings & Reviews tab. If desired, filter your reviews so you only see posts from 
  • Click on the response box and start typing. 
  • Your response will automatically show up on your page. 

Updated Reputation Score: Adding New Thermometer and Competitive Benchmarks

Whether you own a small business or lead marketing for a major corporation, one marketing truth prevails: we operate in a consumer-driven era where the voice of the customer is amplified like never before through online reviews, social media and surveys. Monitoring and managing online reputation has become a critical business function. That’s why we created the Reputation Score, a sophisticated measure that evolves with this constantly changing landscape to help you understand your business’s online reputation.

Study: customers avoid businesses with negative reviews about cleanliness

Clean restaurant

We live in an era where a business’s online reputation is driven by customer experience and reviews. Whether it’s buying a car, looking for a restaurant, or choosing a dentist, customers rely on online reviews for guidance prior to making a buying decision. This was highlighted in a recent Harris Poll, which revealed that 85% of Americans would not patronize businesses with online reviews criticizing the cleanliness of its facilities.

NEW! Respond to Facebook reviews directly from the Review & Ratings Tab

Did you know customers can now review you directly on Facebook? For that reason, we introduced the ability to monitor Facebook reviews from within the platform earlier this year. We also added Facebook review factors to our patented Reputation Score.

Today, we are pleased to announce that you can now also respond to Facebook reviews from within the platform. This “closes the loop” and makes it that much easier to manage reviews that customers post to your business’s Facebook page.

Reputation Management: Easier Than You Think

man enjoying coffee with phone

Managing your business’s online reputation can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Covering the basics is not that hard and doesn’t require a huge time commitment. You should take care of these essentials now, to make sure your business isn’t at a disadvantage. Then you can evaluate what other reputation management steps make sense for your business over the long term.

How small businesses can make the most of disruptive technologies

New Technologies Concept

From Uber to Airbnb to TaskRabbit, consumers have never had more options when it comes to disruptive technological tools. These technologies are transforming the way customers connect, share and experience new products and services across virtually every industry. This shift has fueled the creation of entirely new business sectors, but it has also made more traditional businesses vulnerable to the growing power that consumers wield.

Share your business’s story through the visual world of Instagram


They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and that’s true in every sense on the social media platform Instagram. With over 300 million monthly users, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social networking sites today, used by individuals and businesses alike. When leveraged correctly, Instagram can be a powerful sales tool that helps enhance a brand’s visibility and customer experience.

NEW! Monitor and manage your Instagram business page from the social tab

Our customers love the ability to manage their social media accounts from the dashboard, and now they have even more control. We’re excited to announce that for Business now includes support for Instagram, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. All you have to do is add your Instagram credentials to your account and you’ll be able to begin managing it from within the platform. Just follow these simple instructions:

Is your business website ready for the Google mobile-friendly update?

Responsive Design

With consumers increasingly using their smartphones to look for information, review businesses and engage in social conversations, Google has created a mobile-specific search algorithm for users of small-screen devices. The algorithm, which was rolled out on April 21, 2015, will rank websites differently on mobile devices, with a significant boost for sites that are mobile-optimized.

NEW! Request Reviews Metrics tab lets you optimize email templates for better customer engagement

Request Review Metrics Screenshot

You asked and we delivered! We are excited to announce our new Request Reviews Metrics feature (in beta mode), which makes it easier for you to monitor and improve the performance of your review-request emails. Review Request Metrics gives you a detailed view of delivery and open rates, click activity, bounces and other factors that reflect how engaged your customers are.

Here’s a quick overview of each component, along with best practices on how you can leverage your data to improve email engagement: