5 Halloween tweets you shouldn't post

Part of the fun of Halloween is the anonymity of dressing up like someone else. And who could blame you if you let your alter ego indulge in behavior that would perhaps conflict with your mild-mannered everyday persona? Just make sure that part of a safe and fun Halloween means not letting your festivities go down on your permanent record — which means keeping a low profile on your public profiles.

As tempting as it is to use your smart phone to chronicle your evening, here are some things to consider NOT posting on Twitter or Facebook:

  • "Not sure whether to dress like a slutty cat, a slutty cheerleader, or a slutty cowgirl — but definitely a slutty something — LOL!"
  • "Just trashed my neighbor's yard then told her I saw the kid down the street do it. I love Halloween!"
  • "For Halloween I wanted to go as my boss, but the costume shop was all out of giant A-holes."
  • "Porch light off. Windows closed. Why do people think I want to pretend their stupid kids are cute?"
  • "Just did shots with two nuns and a Batman. Ohmigod I'm so wasted. #callinginsicktomorrow"