How To Get Your Name To The Top Of Google Search

People frequently form opinions from information they find through search engines, often without considering the validity of the content they read. Did you know that the first three results in the first page of a Google search get 79 percent of all clicks? Are you aware that as few as 10 percent of people go beyond the first page of search results? This article describes how to get your name to the top of Google in order to build a better internet reputation.

Because people pay little attention to lower search results, you need to make sure that the first results they see contain positive content about you. A number-one search result attracted 50,000 monthly visitors. The number five result? Only 6,000.

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If the best information about you is buried beneath other search results, you’re missing out on the opportunity to mold others’ perception of you. People will be left to draw conclusions about you based on nothing at all — or worse, one-sided, potentially false and negative content.

Google & Other Search Engines Are Now Your Reputation - Do You Control Them? has recognized that individuals rely heavily on their online reputation/reviews and after consulting with many experts from around the world, have developed services and tools to assist in monitoring, improving and repairing online reviews and reputations.  As you'll see below we've laid out so first steps for improving or maintaining your current online review and reputation situation, however we also realize that in many situations that time and resources are highly valuable and may be better spent elsewhere.  To this end has developed ReputationDefender® and Reputation for Business®, two services that can a help you build, improve or repair your online presence.

Reputation for Business

While Reputation for Business offers a number of different levels of service, from simple monitoring through to a fully managed PR service, the top packages are designed to not only save many hours/month that typically need to be spent on ones online presence but also to increase business by nipping bad reviews in the bud and improving the online presence of the business through positive reviews from your actual clients.  Reputation for Business is a service that recommends every SMB have in place - the increase in business from a positive online presence is priceless.  To fix Google reviews or simply create a buffer of positive reviews, Reputation for Business is a service and not just an online tool that puts you back in charge of your businesses reputation.


ReputationDefender® is a very specific service, and unlike Reputation for Business® is not something that is recommended (or needed) by most individuals and businesses.  ReputationDefender® has been specifically designed for any individual or business that's reputation has been tarnished online through blogs, articles, and review sites by disgruntled clients, enraged friends, or former employees etc.  Unfortunately under the law it is virtually impossible to have a court order the removal of online content, however it can be suppressed through techniques that we've perfected though $40+ million in research and development here at  Essentially anyone that Google's you or your business won't look past the first couple pages of search engine results, and if all they find are positive articles, reviews, bio's and other sites then the negative material is substantially mitigated and your reputation will reflect positively on you.

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The First Steps To Controling Your Google Results

Create a profile on every social network

Compose tasteful LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages. For Twitter, put your name in your URL and handle. This will direct searchers to the information that’s most relevant about you and your business. Register your business on Yelp and other review databases pertinent to your company.

If you have a website, get your name on it

Make it clear that you’re the author of your website. Slap your name on the page here and there. There’s nothing wrong with some shameless self-promotion when done in moderation.  This is one of the most effective ways for how to get your name to the top of Google and other search engines.

If you don’t have a website, consider registering a domain that contains your name. At the very least, your webpage should contain a well-composed biography.

Make your website and social network profiles keyword rich

Keywords are important because they allow people to find your site through search engines. Strike a balance between popular and unique search terms. If you load up on popular or commonly searched terms (e.g., the Bible), you’ll be competing with too many other sites for the top results. But if your terms are too specific, no one will ever search for them.

To a reasonable extent, the more your keywords appear, the better. If you overuse them, however, Google penalizes you by devaluing your page in its search algorithms. Everyday writing that references your name once or twice per paragraph is probably adequate. Merely composing paragraphs with the words “water filtration system” written over and over again, for example, will kick you down in search rankings for that phrase.

Make the keywords relevant to the content of the site. Search engines punish you when you use keywords in some parts of your site that aren’t related to the overall content of the site.

Link to yourself and get linked by others

Search engine algorithms reward frequently linked sites by moving them to the top of their results pages. Take advantage by putting links to all of your social networking pages on your website — and link your website on all of your social networking pages.

To get linked by others, your best bet is to provide insight on topics that will interest your industry peers and customers, such as on your website or through a blog. The next best option is to ask your friends to link to your work.  Use these tips for how to get your name to the top of Google and other search engines.

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