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We think we're great, but don't take our word for it, there are reviews published by leading journalists and industry experts publish on a regular basis. Here's a quick look at some of the things people have said, and the reviews that you may want to read.'s Reviews: Building an online reputation can be tricky (January 2012)

The reviews that features are focused on lawyers and online reputation management. Author Amanda Bronstad examines cases in which lawyers have had their practices harmed by materials posted online, sometimes not even related to the attorney being impacted. Bronstad also explains how lawyers are increasingly turning to proactive online reputation management as a way of getting important news to the top of the search results.

ELLE's Reviews: Ask E. Jean: How To Save Your Online Reputation (January 2012)

In this advice piece, ELLE columnist E. Jean Carroll responds to a letter writer whose reputation was being tarnished by a defamatory photo posted online by a professional rival. Carroll turns to CEO Michael Fertik for advice, referencing reviews product, technology and reviewing legal options before recommending a mix of do-it-yourself tactics and professional intervention.

Time Business's Reviews: Repairing Your Damaged Online Reputation: When Is It Time to Call the Experts? (April 2011)

This piece takes a look at’s ReputationDefender® product. Reviewing a number of common scenarios, author Megan Gibson suggests when an individual might want to hire Actionable reasons listed include “blog posts written by an ex about a nasty divorce, an ill-advised YouTube video of a rowdy night out, details of a decade-old bankruptcy.” Gibson also includes statistics on how many employers consider online reputation prior to making a hiring decision.