We are excited to announce that we updated the Single Location Dashboard with new “Visibility” insights. This insight which is tied to the Visibility thermometer, shows benchmarking data and tips on... Read More ▶ Auto Infographic

Now we know that more and more customers are first turning to review sites – checking out feedback on Google or, for instance – before they commit to buying from a dealer or patronizing them for service. Yet many dealers still struggle with managing online feedback, whether it’s understanding how they’re doing or investing the time and effort to improve. Here are the most common myths that may be holding your dealership back from jumpstarting a powerful online reputation: Read More ▶

Social approval alerts email and mobile notifications

We are excited to announce our new Social Approval Alerts feature, which enables you to review and approve all outgoing social content with a click of a single button. This feature helps streamline... Read More ▶

Businesses, you’re savvy enough to recognize that online reviews have a disproportionate effect on you – from your ability to attract new customers to raising doubts in the minds of your current patrons to a highly negative impact on your brand. In fact, recent research says 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations – and 72 percent indicate that positive reviews make them trust a local business more. Read More ▶

Think having a strong presence across various social networks is time-consuming and hard? Not anymore! With our new Social Publishing (Beta) feature you can easily post, schedule, review and publish... Read More ▶